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A Good Kiss is Hard to Find

Fearless Fairwells #1





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About A Good Kiss is Hard to Find

Steam Level: 2.5 on a scale of 0 to 5. Sweet in tone but some steamy content.

For years, Kitty Fairwell was stuck on her family’s gloomy estate. Now, she’s started the life of her dreams in London society, dancing at the finest balls and flirting with the most handsome bachelors. She’s even attached a gentleman who seems to adore her—even if his kisses for some reason leave her cold.

But when her friend is seduced by a blackguard, Kitty won’t hesitate to put friendship first. Hiding Louisa in the countryside also gives Kitty the opportunity to catch up with her beloved (if extremely grumpy) brother... and arrange his house to her satisfaction.

The life she wants is back in London. So why, every time she talks to her brother’s estate manager, does the country suddenly sound so tempting?

Seven years ago, tragedy struck John Stanger’s life. Needing to start fresh, he took a commission in the Army. He should have known that the gentlemen in the upper ranks would never accept a cloth merchant’s son as their equal.

At the bloody battle of Albuera, he saved his friend Ned Fairwell’s life. When Ned invited him to manage his estate, he saved John’s soul. Ned isn’t always the most charming man, but their loyalty to each other is unshakable.

John wouldn’t endanger his newfound serenity for anything. Especially not the tempting kisses of his best friend’s little sister....

The Fearless Fairwells Series

A Good Kiss is Hard to Find

Kitty has finally escaped country life to her first London Season. John is resolved to never again reach above his class. When sparks fly, best made plans will go awry.

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